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Back In march i visited the wonderful  'NOT ANOTHER SALON'

Back in march i decided to take a trip to london to do the perfect bleed course at NOT ANOTHER SALON on brick lane in london

i was sooooooooo excited about this, ive wanted to go for ages after stalking their amazing work on instagram and now they do education perfect excuse to go ! 


Not another salon is owned by the lovely sophia hilton, it is a very fun quirky and relaxed salon with a no judgement policy! 

The perfect bleed course was amazing i learnt so much to bring back to the salon to the team, great hints, tips and techniques to get amazing results with the high demand for the latest trends of blending colours together


We learnt how to create bright colours but to achive a classy polished high end profesional finish, home colouring with these bright fashion colours can often result in patchy uneven diy tacky look.

There were some great tips for speeding up the application process for lightening long hair , great if you have hair down to your bum and you would love balayage but hate sitting in the salon for hours !


so if you need a change & your thinking of trying something new come and see us and we can create the perfect colour for you ! 

if your not already, you have to follow these talented bunch on instagram or facebook now !